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Top Five Attractions to Visit on your Vacation in Vietnam

Vietnam is an exciting mix of natural highlights and cultural diversity. The scenery ranges from jagged peaks seen from the winding mountain passes down to the paddy fields. While the cities breathe contemporary and provide number of opportunities to experience Vietnamese culinary highlights, you can explore the rural side of the country filled with natural wonders like the spectacular seascape of the Halong Bay. This exciting country is definitely one among South-east Asia’s

  • Halong Bay

The karst seascape of the Halong Bay is not only one of the most spell-binding sea views around the globe but a UNESCO World Heritage. It is located off the northern coast and is one of the top attractions in Vietnam. More than three thousand limestone crags and half-submerged outcrops riddled with caves pepper the indigo-coloured bay. For an authentic experience of the Halong Bay, it is recommended to spend the night on a traditional sailing junk and visit one of the floating fishing villages.

  • Hue

The city of Hue is the heart of the city. It straddles a maze of canals, moats, lotus lakes and the sleepy Perfume river. One of Vietnam's most historic towns, Hue is full with relics from the reign of the 19th-century Nguyen emperors. This imperial city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the former home of Nguyen dynasty. One of the ways to visit the collection of outlying sites is by taking a riverboat cruise on the Perfume river. A day cruise can take you to visit the royal tombs in Hue along with some pagodas.

  •  Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the country’s southern capital and economic hub. It a dynamic metropolis which is home to everything an international city has to offer- like high-end hotels and restaurants, stores selling imported designer luxury items etc. Other than that, it also houses Grand French colonial buildings and in contrast ancient pagodas that highlight the city’s old Saigonese charm. Furthermore, this brilliant city’s collection of attractions also includes the War Remnants Museum and Ho Chi Minh City Museum.

  • Nha Trang

The resort city of Nha Trang is located on the south-east coast of the country and overlooks the South China Sea. The stunning locale is backed by mountains with an expansive stretch of palm trees and white sand beach. The main reason, though, why so many are attracted to this city is because of its stunning bay-where the divers and snorkelers head off to in order to enjoy the country’s most beautiful coral reefs.

  • Hanoi

This vibrant city if not only the cultural capital but political capital of Vietnam. The city is a contrasting beauty filled with modern energy and colonial charm. It houses the Old Quarter which dates back more than 700 years (it is also called “36 streets” which refers the 36 merchant guilds founded in the district in the 15th century. The Vietnam Museum of Ethology and the Vietnam Fine Art Museum are both stunning introductions to the diversity in the arts of the country. Meanwhile, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is just a brilliant tribute to the Founding father of modern Vietnam.

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