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How to get a Brazilian Visa?

Planning to holiday in Brazil in the near future? You are probably wondering what you need in order to get a visa before you plan your vacation. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business purpose, there are some requirements your traveling documents must meet when you do apply for a Brazilian visa.

ETS, the San Diego visa services explains what steps you need to follow in order to obtain a Brazil visa.

Visa Application

The application for a Brazilian visa must be completed online – as it so required by the Brazilian Consulate. The signature and name that is on your application, must match with those on the passport. Your signature must be in the large box that is at the top-right of the application. The designated code number which is issued to you at the end of online application process You should also submit your application to the Brazilian Consulate within ninety days of completing it

Which supporting documents are required for Brazilian visa application?

With your application, you will also need a signed passport, your driver’s license and a passport sized photograph of yourself.

Passport – the passport must be valid for at least 6 months more at the time of the application. It must not be damaged in any way and it must also include two consecutive blank visa pages.
Driver’s license – the address on your driver’s license must be same as the address on your passport.

Photograph – The photo must be 2x2 inches in size and not older than three months at the time of the application. The front of your face must be centralized. You must hold a neutral expression on your face in the photo and you must not wear glasses (or any eyewear for that matter) or headwear in the photo. The only exception to the headwear rule is if the headwear is for religious reasons.

Another thing that you must carry with you is the proof of your travel arrangements- which will include your name as presented on the passport as well as a copy of your itinerary. The itinerary in question must also contain the dates of your roundtrip flights and the time.

How to get Brazilian Business Visa?

To obtain a Brazilian business visa, you will have to proffer a business cover letter from your company, which should be based in the United States. You must also complete all the required paperwork that is mentioned above.

It is always suggested by the US State Department that travelers register with the US Embassy based in their destination countries to be prepared for emergencies. At ETS, we also offer expedited passport services and help with paperwork as well as embassy registration.

Whether you are planning your trip last minute or carefully in advance, ETS, San Diego expedited passport and visas services helps you to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. We give you the resources needed for your journey to be secure and without any hiccups throughout the trip.



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