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Visit US Passport Office And Get Your Passport Easily!

When it comes to obtaining a US passport then you choose from two options; you can either apply for it online, or visit the passport office. Every state in the US has a passport office from where you can obtain your passport.

Passport being the most vital piece of document related to proof of nationality, it certainly seems necessary to get your passport done after you turn 18. In the United States, the passport office leaves no stone unturned to make sure the applicants do not have to face any kind of trouble during the process of applying. The passport office in US provides all sorts of necessary assistance in getting your passport done in a smooth way.

US Passport Office

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Before you head towards the passport office of United States, it would be better to know a few vital things related to it, and the process of obtaining a passport. No matter in which part of the United States you live, you would easily come across US passport office. All the major cities in the United States has a passport office, such a New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, etc. Hence, there is no need to travel long distance in order to apply for a passport. In fact, with the help of online application you can apply for the passport online as well.

Finding More About US Passport Office

In case you do not want to apply online then in that case you will have to locate the nearest passport office. If you visit the website of US Embassy then you will surely get the details of the addresses where the passport offices are located. Once you figure out the most apt US passport office as per your location, call them up for fixing an appointment.

It is important to mention that in the case of US passport, you will have to apply for passport book in case you are planning to travel outside US via air. It means that using a passport book you can travel anywhere in the world. On the other hand, if you simply want to travel within the United States, to Canada, the Caribbean, or Mexico, in this case you will have to go for a passport card. Quite obviously, obtaining a passport card from the US passport office is easier than obtaining a passport book.

Fees Charged by United States Passport Office

The fees depend on the type of service you need. If you are in a hurry and want to obtain your passport within then apart from the regular 80 USD, you will also have to shell out 60 USD extra. For renewing your passport, the regular fee is 110 USD, with same extra amount in case of expedite services.

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