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How to get a visa for India?

India is well-known for its cultural diversity and its remarkable sites that are scattered all throughout the country. From the mountainous peaks of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala. The sacred Ganges river where thousands come to worship to the sands of the Thar desert, it is a land of natural and man-made wonder.

Are you planning to visit India and need visas to India? Here, ETS India visa San Diego agency shows you how to complete the process.

Express Travel Express is the token passport and visa expediting private company authorized by the Indian embassy San Diego area to expedite and hand-carry visa applications for those needing to obtain a quick India visa.

What type of visa is needed for your visit to India?

Visitors who will be in India for less than 72 hours can obtain an India transit visa- which you can obtain by showing a confirmed airline booking for the onward journey while applying. If you are going to stay for more than the limited time, then you need to obtain an Indian tourist visa.

The length of the tourist visa will be dependent upon your nationality. If you carry US, Canadian or Japan citizenship then you’ll be given visas of up to 10 years’ validity. In addition, the five-year tourist-visa are increasingly becoming available for people from most countries where biometric-enrolment facilities are available.

Indian tourist visas are generally issued for three or six months or a year- these are mostly multiple-entry visas. Keep in mind that the visa is valid from the date of the issue and not the date of arrival.

You should also note down that no matter how long your tourist visa is valid for; you are not permitted to stay in India for more than six months at a time. Moreover, some tourist visas only allow the holder to stay for three months at a time.

The other type of visas available for visitors includes Indian business visa, employment visas, student visas, research visas, intern visas and film visas etc.

How to apply for an Indian visa?

If you want all your documentation and visa application process done for you, rather than going to an Indian consulate San Diego you can choose Express Travel services. For this, you go to the following link for effortless Indian visa application.

When applying for an Indian Visa you first have to complete the online application form. After this you’ll need to print and manually submit the application form to the processing centre- this can be done either by mail or in-person. Your passport/visa will be returned to you by a courier if you opt to not pick it up.

You will need to submit your passport (that is valid for more than six months and has at least two blank pages left) other than your application and fee.  You will also need a recent passport sized-photo (check-out how you should take the photograph). Details of your itinerary and copies of your flight tickets and residential address may also be required to submit.

Want to get expedite Indian visa services? Contact India Visa Services San Diego “ETS” on toll-free number 1-866-376-1125.

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