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How long does it take an expedited passport to arrive?

Many a times travel plans form unexpectedly and urgently while you discover that you are in need of a passport urgently. In such times, one can either renew their passport if they already have one in possession or they can get a new passport in as little a time as 24 hours. You can use passport expediting service or go to the regional passport agency.

For most Americans the process of getting a passport is not that complicated. You fill a form, take a passport picture and then provide documents as a proof of your citizenship and pay a fee.

Things get complicated, however, if there are special circumstances – like if you need to leave the country within matter of weeks or days.

How long does it take to get a passport?

The routine processing service time through the US Department of State, i.e. the US Passport Agency, is approx. 6-8 weeks from the time of the application- including the mailing time. In case the passport is needed sooner then there are ways where you can expedite your passport application.

One of the best bet you have to receive your passport sooner is by using an expedited passport service like the San Diego passport agency ETS.

Expedite Passport Agency

One of the benefit of using expedite passport agency is that you have total control of how fast you want to receive your passport. There are expedite passport agencies like Express Travel Services which have a range of services- like 24-hour service to an extended week or 12 days service with many options in between them.

The passport booking fees is $170 for adults, $140 for kids (age ranging from 0-15), plus the return shipping.

For the first-time applicants of ages 0-15, applicants that are applying for their first adult passport as well as applicants who are replacing a lost/stolen passport-there is an additional charge of $25 as an execution fee to a passport acceptance agent when their application is executed.

Other than the government fee, there is also service charge. The service charge will range from $99.00 to $399 – depending upon how quickly you need your passport.

Benefits of using Expedite passport services

With all the stressful paperwork and long processes that are involved in passport application, there are reliable passport expediting services where travel experts can walk you through the whole process smoothly, answer your questions and review all the paper work.

Can’t get an appointment or show up at the Regional passport agency? ETS expedite passport and visa services can take care of that for you. With ETS you can have real-time updates as your passport is in process, have experts speak as your agent and have a complete control over the number of days in which you want your passport to arrive in.

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