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Do you need a visa to visit Thailand?

Although Thailand is no stranger to political turmoil and strict behavior to which international travelers must comply- this has not affected the huge number of Americans from visiting this beautiful country. To newlyweds looking for an affordable honeymoon or university graduates looking to teach English, Thailand attracts a wide variety of crowd. Are you planning to vacation in Thailand and not sure how to go on about the process?

ETS San Diego expedite passport and visa agency explains the visa requirements for US citizens traveling to Thailand

What are the visa requirements US citizens must follow to visit Thailand?

Tourist Visas

There is no charge for Americans to visit Thailand for up to 30 days and this can be extended to another 30 days at a local immigration office for a fee of 1900 Baht. As Thailand borders Laos and Cambodia and is easily accessible to Vietnam and Malaysia by plane, many tourists take advantage of the cheap flights and then book visa runs to extend their vacation in Thailand.

This isn’t always necessary, however. By applying for a tourist visa at the Thai consulate or embassy before your arrival, you will have to pay a small fee of $40, but can legally stay in the country for up to ninety days without the need for a visa run; after sixty days, you’ll have to visit the local immigration office and pay an additional 1900-Baht fee to extend another 30 days.

Due to the aforementioned reason, your US passport must at least have one blank page for the visa stamps (visa issued in advance take up full page) and 6 months’ validity. A recent passport sized photo must be given on the application at a Thai embassy, but isn’t necessary on arrival.

Work and Retirement Visas in Thailand

Living and working in Thailand obviously comes with demands different from the requirement needed for those coming to the country for pleasure. The country offers non-immigrant “B” visas for those interested with a whole slew of requirements- reliant on the type of work and your length of stay.

Additionally, retirement visas are available to US citizens who are fifty years or older. These visas are only valid for one year and do not allow employment of any kind. Applicants usually have to provide a proof of income or savings (of at least 800,000 Baht). The requirements are different depending on the individual’s ties to the country – like for e.g. if one is married to a Thai natural, but commonly the money is the deciding factor.

Getting a passport for your visit to Thailand

Getting a visit to Thailand may not be too hard on arrival but there is still the matter of checking your US passport up to date prior to you leaving the country. In case you need to travel immediately and your passport is not ready, you can contact ETS passport and visa agency for expedited passport services.

ETS offers a wide variety of expedited passport services for both new applicants and those in need of passport renewals. Some of the services can get your passport as soon as within a day allowing you to be on your way to Pattaya the next day.

Have any questions regarding traveling to Thailand? Contact ETS now!

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