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Knowing About The Vital Aspects of Tanzania Tourist Visa

Some countries in the African continent are known for their natural beauty, particularly comprising of mountains and lakes. If you are planning to visit Africa anytime soon then you can definitely consider the option of visiting Tanzania. Officially known as the United Republic of Tanzania, this country is among the largest nations in Africa. The wildlife arena of this country attracts many tourists from different countries in the world. No doubt, the Embassy of Tanzania in most of the countries receives good number of tourist visa applications every year.

In order to make sure more and more people are able to visit Tanzania, the government of this country has kept the visa application system as simple as possible. All you need to do is visit the Embassy of Tanzania in your country and submit the application form after filling it up and attaching the necessary documents. Most of the applications received are for Tanzania tourist Visa. Like with any other country’s Visa requirement, it is necessary that the current validity of your passport should not be less than 6 months. In addition, there are few more important aspects to look for.

Tanzania Tourist Visa San Diego


Obtaining Tanzania Tourist Visa is Quite Simple

Apart from a valid passport of your country, you also need to carry out other documents. Below are some of the main points you need to keep in mind.

  • You need to fill up the visa application form of Tanzania completely, with your signature on it.
  • You also need to attach two passport sized photographs taken recently. The size has to be 2x2 inches.
  • In addition, you also have to provide a courier envelope, having your address on it. This envelope will be used for returning your passport to the address provided by you.
  • The fees associated with Tanzania tourist Visa for US and Non-US citizen are different. For the US citizens, it is 100 USD, and it is valid for multiple entries. On the other hand, the fee for Non-US citizens is 50 USD, and it is valid for single entry only. For double entry, the amount for the Non-US citizens is 100 USD.
  • The validity of the above mentioned tourist visa for Tanzania is 90 days. So, you need to plan your vacation accordingly.
  • It is important to mention that the Visa fees charged by the Tanzanian Embassy are non-refundable in nature.
  • Cashier’s cheque and money order are the two options available for making the payment.

More Information About Tanzania Tourist Visa

In addition to the above mentioned aspects, there are few more you need to remember. You also need to provide the details of the flight itinerary. In case of personal checks, the passport holder needs to provide a copy of his or her driving license. Or, he/she can simply write down the driving license number. When applying for Tanzania tourist Visa, you need to be careful about providing the details on the application form. Make sure the information filled in the application are correct.

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