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How to apply for passport?

A passport is the most important document while you are travelling abroad. The passport is used as a travel document in the US but it can also be utilized as a proof-of-citizenship. This valuable document, however also has an expiry date. But, how to get a passport? If you do not own a passport or your passport is expired – you can get it by visiting the passport office or with an even easier way- i.e. by taking advantage of an expedited passport agency like ETS.

ETS San Diego expedited passport services is a one-stop shop for all your travel document needs. With ETS you can get your passport, visa and other services like legalization and authentication of documents and travel insurance all under one roof.

How to get a passport?

The process of the renewing or getting a new passport for the first time is pretty much the same. For a new passport, you will have to fill out the passport application, but you also have to submit two passport photos (which must be up to specific passport photo standards) as well as a proof of residence.

There are two types of passports – a passport for minors and passports for adults. If you as an adult want to renew a passport then you must submit your old passport- which must be issued to you when you were at the age of 16 or up. It has to be in good condition and it must not be expired. It is only when your old passport has met all these standards can you qualify to renew your passport. The same process is followed while renewing the passports for minors. Only the main difference is that a child’s passport has the validity of five years, meanwhile, an adult’s passport expires after 10 years.

Passports have specific particulars of determining if they are still valid or whether they’ll have to be renewed. The important point to remember is to have more than 2 months before the expiration date, plus having enough blanks on the passport book for the future visa stamps and the overall condition of the passport must be presentable.

Passports generally last for 10 years but if they do not pass the above requirements at any time then you will have to get it renewed. You have to submit the same documents as applying for a new passport which includes your old passport with your submission.

First-time passport application

The first step towards preparing for passport application is to gather all the documents required. This includes Application forms, proof of identity document and a photocopy of the front and back, proof of U.S. Citizenship document and a photocopy of the front and back and passport fees. You can either submit the application personally or do it by mail.

You need to complete your DS-11 application but without signing it as the postal employees must witness you signing it. After you find a post office that provides passport services so that you can apply for the passport there. As for how long it will take to get a passport? It will depend upon what you opt for.

Where can I get a fast passport?

If you want your passport as quickly as you can then the best option for you is to apply for an expedited passport processing. You will need to have proof of travel plans to expedite your passport. This way you can have the passport in two weeks or even less depending on which service you opt for with the expedited passport agency. We can expedite your passport as fast as 24 hours if you need it.

In need of an expedited passport? Have any queries regarding your qualification of expedite passport, give us a call and we’ll provide you optimal solutions for your travel problems.

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