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Can you smile for a passport photo?

Did you know that a child passport has the validity of only 5 years? Passports for adults last 10 years, so you may forget to renew your child’s passport after they expire. So, if your children have passports, make sure you check the expiration date. If it is expired already or about to expire in si…

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What is a limited validity passport?

US passports, figuratively speaking, come in varying sizes. Rather, it is a mistake to call these travel documents just a standardized ten-year book reserved for adults- when there is a variety of them depending on how you travel.

Passports for children under sixteen have passports that are only …

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How to apply for passport?

A passport is the most important document while you are travelling abroad. The passport is used as a travel document in the US but it can also be utilized as a proof-of-citizenship. This valuable document, however also has an expiry date. But, how to get a passport? If you do not own a passport …

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US Passport Renewal Related Information - Making Your Task Easier

US Passport Renewal

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Apart from travelling purpose, there are many more occasions in which your passport can prove to be highly useful. It is known to almost everyone that even a passport comes with a validity period. After a certain period of time, you need to renew your passp…

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Knowing About The Vital Aspects of Tanzania Tourist Visa

Some countries in the African continent are known for their natural beauty, particularly comprising of mountains and lakes. If you are planning to visit Africa anytime soon then you can definitely consider the option of visiting Tanzania. Officially known as the United Republic of Tanzania, this cou…

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